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Xiaomi Qin refers to a series of feature phones developed by the Chinese technology company Xiaomi. These phones are designed to offer basic functionality such as calling, texting, and some additional smart features. The Xiaomi Qin series is known for its affordability and simplicity, targeting users who prefer a straightforward mobile experience without the complexity of smartphones. The devices in this series typically come with physical keypads, small screens, and limited app support. They are popular in markets where there is a demand for low-cost communication devices with some smart capabilities. The Xiaomi Qin series represents Xiaomis effort to cater to a diverse range of consumer needs, including those who require budget-friendly communication solutions.

Обзор Xiaomi Qin F22 Pro — король кнопочных с Android 12! Тянет PUBG и Genshin Impact!

Царь вернулся! Xiaomi и Douqin обновили прошлогодний Qin F21 Pro до версии F22 Pro, увеличили размер, экран,...

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